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Proper Maintenance!

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Proper Maintenance!

by Shenel-Office Admin, Crown Heating Inc.


Treat your new unit, whether it’s a boiler, furnace, a/c, or water heater, like you would your house, car or yourself. Every so often we need to get check-ups, maintenance, updates, or repairs done to ourselves, cars, computer or homes. Homeowners, Property Owners-Commercial & Residential, should ensure every unit gets maintenance and a cleaning each year. 

For furnaces, humidifiers, & Rooftop units, filters should be changed at least once a year or even 3 times a year depending on the dirt build up on the filter. A dirty filter can cause the furnace, A/C or Humidifier to reduce performance efficiency and cause other problems to arise, if neglected for too long. All Evaporator Coils, Condenser Coils, Washable air filters must be cleaned by a professional every so often due to the metal components that cause debris to stick and clog the Coil or filters.

If you notice too much dirt in your home you may want to consider having your duct system cleaned by a professional company. This will reduce the amount of dirt and allergens being circulated in your home ventilation system. You can also consider an air purifier if in-home air cleanliness and quality is a concern. 

The worst thing you can do is neglect your system. Make it a point to continually check your system(s)’s health regularly. Do not wait until the last minute, in reasoning that you’re trying to save money, to call your professional to check your unit. System malfunctions, problems, or breakdown due to neglect and/or improper maintenance can or will result are subject to the Company’s brand warranty terms and conditions. Also to our Company Crown Heating because we will always make sure our customer’s are aware of these standards. Damaged due to negligence, abuse, misuse, accident, modification, tampering, alteration, faulty installation by unlicensed contractor and/or acts of God will void warranty.

All warranties a readily made available online. Warranty conditions will be posted in another blog post.

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